OOA Beginning/Advanced Indoor Dry-land Snowboarding

Our OOA Gymnastics Indoor Dry-land Snowboarding class allows students to learn rail slides in a safe padded environment.  Also off axis flipping is introduced using our tumble trampoline and foam pit, allowing students to progess to more difficult skills in a safe learning area.  Balance boards are also an effective training tool used in the class.

MBSEF:  OOA Gymnastics is home to the MBSEF snowboarders, allowing them access to our facility.  Their program utilizes the same apparatus as does our OOA students.

Make-Up Policy:  Similar to college class, your tuition pays for a class spot regardless of attendance. Therefore, we strongly urge students not to miss their scheduled class if at all possible. Make-ups are a privilege not a policy. OOA, as a courtesy, will offer 1 make-up per 8 week session if the make-up is available and will not jeopardize the safety or integrity of a class. All make-ups must be made during the current 8 week session you’ve registered for. You must contact the office to schedule your make-up. If a make-up is not available (other classes full) an Open Gym Pass (1 per session) will be available for class missed. (Please check our Open Gym Schedule) Refunds and Credits for missed classes are also not available. Please notify the office if you know you will be missing as early as possible to allow someone else to schedule a make-up or trial class in your child’s spot.


Dry-Land Snowboarding Curriculum

8 Week Program

Coach: Taylor Anderson


Week 1

The first class meeting will cover introductions, safety concerns, rules/guidelines, course expectations, and participant’s goals.


1. Flat rail only

2. Rail judgment

3. Basic frontside and backside 50-50s

4. “Assume the position”

5. Game of S K A T E or S N O W

6. How to fall correctly


Air and Style

1. Trampoline rules and regulations

2. Air awareness

3. Grab identification

4. Rotation classification

*address the importance of stretching!


Week 2


1. Small down rail

2. Frontside and backside 50-50

3. Boardslide classification

4. 50-50 variations

Air and Style

1. Grab identification

2. 360 – 540 degree spins

3. Height awareness


Week 3


1. Medium down rail

2. Lipslides (this is not grinding with your face)

3. Game of S K A T E or S N O W

4. 50-50 to 180 out


Air and Style

1. Introduction to front flips

2. Introduction to back flips

3. 360-540 variations

4. Handplants


Week 4


1. Large rail

2. Switch stance tricks

3. How to spin in and out

4. Intro to pressing

5. Game of S K A T E or S N O W


Air and Style

1. Front flip/back flip refresher

2. Air awareness

3. Frontside/backside 720 (foam pit)

4. Single Cork/ Rodeos


Week 5

A safety refresher course half way through the class is completely necessary. I will be receiving new students on a month to month basis, therefore the rules and regulations of the gym must be reiterated to new participants.



1. Large rail

2. 270 training

3. Small rail backside 180 50-50

4. Nollie and switch nollie tricks


Air and Style

1. Spin grab variations

2. Backside rodeos

3. Wall ride basics

4. Double front flip



Week 6

Air and Style

1. Intro to double corks (ability level dependent)

2. Front flip/ backflip variations

3. Grab classification

4. Handplant variations


Week 7



1. Large rail

2. Game of S K A T E or S N O W

3. Backside 270 basics


Air and Style

1. Double corks Continued


Week 8


1. Trick classification

2. Final Game of S K A T E or S N O W (Prize for The CHAMPION)


Air and Style

1. Trick classification

2. Innovation Time!

3. Double cork continued.

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