OOA Gymnastics has the ultimate facility and staffing for quality boys and girls competitive gymnastics programs. Our mission is to instill proper training habits in our athletes through repetition of developmental basics, progressions and proper psychological awareness. These habits we hope will carry over into all aspects of their lives.

Our competitive program is specific to both boys and girls. It is a progressive program where the students develop strength, flexibility, and basic gymnastics skills in a structured, disciplined, yet enjoyable and fun atmosphere. We offer a safe, fun, age appropriate environment for each child to develop skills at their competitive level.

Our mission here at OOA Gymnastics is to build healthy, happy, responsible children offering them a positive experience they can benefit from throughout their lives. Our OOA team gymnastics program is based and structured on the U.S.A.G. curriculum from level 1 through level 10. The skills of tumbling, swinging, balancing, jumping, rhythm, agility, eye-hand coordination are all included in our daily gymnastics workouts.

Some of the psychological qualities that are developed through the sport of gymnastics are: high self-esteem, physical courage, determination, perseverance, expressiveness and self confidence.

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