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Welcome to Oregon Olympic Athletics!

Raising the bar for Bend Oregon Gymnastics! Here at Oregon Olympic Athletics we believe fitness is more than just a core foundation in life. We believe that success must be pursued to be found and that confidence can only come from within. We believe the mind, body, and soul benefit beyond measure from excelled fitness, strength, endurance, and flexibility. Offering a variety of programs we invest in each of our students. We teach integrity, hard work, and high level coaching can take you as far as you want to go. We are here to help you grow, to help push you beyond what you thought was possible, to teach you and to encourage you every step of the way.

At Oregon Olympic Athletics we offer a variety of athletic programs.

  • Competitive Gymnastics  led by Head Coach, Owner and 2004 Olympic Silver Medalist Mohini Bhardwaj Barry. Our training is of the highest Olympic level quality. We are the only gym in Bend, Oregon to offer both a girls and boys competitive program and have trained athletes that compete at the National level.  Join us, and let’s reach new heights, together.
  • Pre-School Gymnastics:–  Children 12 months old – kindergarten  have an opportunity to develop an enjoyment of physical recreation by transferring thoughts and ideas into movement. We offer a safe, fun, age appropriate environment for each child to develop their own abilities. The skills of tumbling, swinging, balancing, jumping, rhythm, and eye-hand coordination are all included in our sessions of gymnastics.
  • Recreational Gymnastics: Our recreational program is a progressive program where the students learn super fun body strengthening exercises, flexibility activities, and basic gymnastics skills in a wild, yet structured atmosphere. Gymnastics is the fundamental background for overall fitness and serves as a stepping stone for any other athletics your child may wish to pursue in the future. We offer a safe, fun, age appropriate environment for each child to develop their own skills. Our mission here at OOA is to build healthy, happy, responsible children offering them a positive experience they can benefit from throughout their lives.
  • Other Activities: Our most recent popular activities are  Cheerleading, Tricking Gymnastics, Indoor Snowboard Training and our Tumbling and Trampoline (T&T) class for teens wanting to learn tumbling skills. We are also open to the community, we host birthday parties on the weekends, open gym times throughout the week and camps throughout the year.